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Big rigs for sale! If you are an independent owner/operator of a business, dealer for used/new trucks, or control a fleet of big rigs, then 1usedtrucks.com is the place to buy and sell big rigs! Whether you are looking for a single truck for your small business, or you need to upgrade your fleet of Big Rigs to any number, we have the network you've been looking for to find what you need.

1usedtrucks.com has listings for Freightliner Trucks, Kenworth Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, International Trucks, Ford Trucks, Peterbilt Trucks, and many more. You can also find a trailer for your truck on 1usedtrucks.com with listings for over a thousand Trailers, used and new.

Finding the right Big Rig for you is simple. The difficult part is finding the right big rig at the right price. 1usedtrucks.com gives the user the opportunity to specify a truck/trailer category, location, make, year range, and price range as parameters for a search throughout the entire system. If you are interested in only one or two of the search parameters, the system can accommodate this.

1usedtrucks.com not only organizes and categorizes thousands of Big rigs and Big rig Accessories, but provides a platform to post and view the vital statistics about each item. The typical ad allows the seller to include specifics on engine make, engine performance, transmission type, wheel type, suspension type, axle construction, and sleeper style. The seller can also include a description in his or her own words, as well as contact phone numbers, email addresses, and websites. For a system that connects Truckers with the Buying and Selling resources they need, turn to 1usedtrucks.com

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